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38 Years and millions of visits later

Passengers from around the world have been boarding the Gondolas since 1985 and the ride hasn’t stopped since.

Gondola Rotorua with bright sun in the background

Skyline Rotorua’s Community Initiatives

Skyline Rotorua is committed to contributing to and supporting the local Rotorua community to ensure its success and well-being, by:

  • Supporting Ronald McDonald House, we offer all families staying at the Rotorua RMH free visits to Skyline Rotorua. We also purchased 2x tables of 8 for the RMH fundraising efforts.
  • Skyline Rotorua is actively involved in sustainability, we are a member of the Rotorua Sustainable Charter.
  • Supporting Blue Light, we give discounted rates to police-organised visits by groups of underprivileged youth.

Skyline Rotorua also supports these charities and the amazing work they do

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