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Explore Skyline Rotorua's range of educational options for students in years 12 and 13 studying toward NCEA.

Aerial view of Rotorua Luge Track

Skyline Rotorua is committed to offering quality education outside the classroom, on-site. Our thrilling experiences cater to school groups and educational trips by providing study material across various projects which are suitable for students of all ages.

We are partnered with Rotorua Education Network (REN) to offer seamless education trips to Rotorua for students from around New Zealand. Our education offerings have been built to align with curriculum standards and enhance the educational experience for students to take in more outside of the classroom

Skyline Rotorua is an excellent example of a tourist attraction with a cluster of activities on one site, where quality learning takes place in a thrilling environment for students. One of New Zealand’s leading gravity-based tourism operations which offer opportunities for students to gather information for both tourism and geography standards.


Curriculum Options


Geography Level 2

Achievement Standard 91241

Demonstrate geographic understanding of an urban pattern. Students collect information on the urban pattern of tourism during a visit to a tourist attraction in Rotorua.


Geography Level 3

Achievement Standard 91431

Analyse aspects of a contemporary geography issue.

Operator will talk on the issue of sustainability of tourism in Rotorua, focusing on their product, but also with views on the wider issue and the actions that are needed to keep tourism in Rotorua.


Achievement Standard 91427

Demonstrate understanding of how a cultural process shapes geographic environment(s).

Collect information on how the cultural process of tourism development has shaped the Rotorua environment.

Tourism Level 2

Unit Standard 24728

Demonstrate knowledge of work roles in Tourism.

Unit Standard 24730

Demonstrate knowledge of the business of tourism.

Booking Information


Also available upon request:

School Lunch Combo’s are available at the Market Kitchen Cafe

Curriculum based teacher resources, student talks and worksheets.


Plan your class visit:

Gondola – Allow 10 min each way

Luge – Allow 20 min per ride

Zipline – Allow 20 min per ride (limits and waiver info)

Skyswing – Allow 10 min per ride



For more information on the Rotorua Education Network and how they can help you plan your next class visit to Skyline Rotorua please email or book now using the Rotorua Education Network Online Booking Form here

Half aerial shot of the luge track with riders going down through the forest


Rotorua Education Network


Rotorua Education Network is a program established in 1997 and built to enrich student’s learnings from across New Zealand outside of the classroom. REN has evolved into a strong network working with multiple attractions across Rotorua who offer a diverse range of experiences making up cultural, geothermal, environmental and adventure-based learning. On top of attractions REN works with a transport and accommodation provider to ensure seamless logistics for educational trips.

Members of REN hold high quality and sustainability standards. They hold Qualmark rating and are active participants in the Rotorua Sustainable Tourism Charter. REN strives to provide educators and students with opportunities that go beyond classroom learning.

REN information booklet