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Here at Skyline Rotorua, we are devoted to protecting the environment and the wildlife that we operate alongside. We are committed to nurturing the land of Mt Ngongotaha and supporting the future prosperity of the wildlife that lives here.

Aerial view of Rotorua Luge Track

Skyline Rotorua’s Environmental & Conservation Initiatives

  • Planting over 5000 native plants throughout the property to rejuvenate the land to ensure the growth and suitability of native species on Mt Ngonogotaha.
  • Encouraging the return of wildlife to Mt Ngongotaha through cultivated regeneration of native bush behind the property.
  • Converting farmland to forestry for perpetuity by planting 10,000 Californian Redwood trees.
  • Created a wetland and pond from captured water for the local ducks and pukeko.
  • Encouraging the natural spawning of trout by cleaning out spawning streams off-season.
  • Eradicating noxious weeds and pests across the property to maintain native planting and wildlife.
  • Returning the environment of Mt Ngongotaha back to its natural state, encouraging native birdlife and rejuvenating the natural habitat by planting trees and 3,000 native flaxes.

Energy & Water Initiatives

Skyline Rotorua is dedicated to minimising energy consumption and associated emissions, by taking energy conservation measures across all of our operations. Skyline Rotorua is also conscious of water scarcity and is committed to using water efficiency methods throughout the property. We achieve this by implementing the following initiatives:

  • Reducing the amount of energy used to operate the Gondola, as we have installed a new Gondola system saving up to 50% of energy during normal working conditions.
  • Using energy-efficient LED lighting in the Stratosfare Restaurant and on our Luge tracks to minimize power usage.
  • Using an Electricity Monitoring System allows us to detect electrical problems, manage supply, and read usage.
  • Reducing the need for weed trimming usage and fuel consumption by planting 3,000 native flaxes around the property.
  • Monitoring Water Usage for early detection of problems on a weekly basis.
  • Installing water saver taps in all public toilets.
  • Water from the winery is tested and then sent to a water treatment plant.

Skyline Rotorua’s Waste Initiatives

Skyline Rotorua is actively developing sustainable ways to eliminate waste across the site to help protect the environment in which we operate, by:

Installing recycling stations around the property, which are then delivered to Waste Management.

  • Recycling metal – We have recycled 18 tonnes of metal waste from around the site.
  • Recycle Cardboard – Waste Management collects our cardboard separately for recycling purchased cardboard crusher to aid these efforts.
  • Recycle Milk Bottles – Milk Supplier collects empty milk bottles for recycling.
  • Recycle Plastic – Delivered to an in-town recycling centre for recycling.
  • Recycle Glass – Waste Management collects our Glass separately for recycling.
  • Recycle Toner Cartridges – Sent to the Toner Recycling Centre – Any funds earned are donated to Ronald McDonald House.
  • Cooking oil recycled – Collected by the supplier who then recycles the oil.
  • Reusing onsite redwood timber to make different types of furniture such as seats & bar leaners.
  • Using recycled paper for customer survey cards & Market Kitchen napkins.
  • Elimination of plastic use in the restaurant and the Market Kitchen.
  • Reducing the amount of glass consumption by installing beer taps, instead of using individual glass beer bottles.

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