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Luge Pricing & Packages

If you’re looking for Luge tickets, then look no further! Discover our most popular online Luge packages below and buy your tickets online today!

An average Luge ride takes 15mins.

To get the most of the Luge, we recommend 3+ rides

Make a day out of it. Our combos combine multiple activities.

We offer family of 4 & 5 Luge packages.

Luge Terms and Conditions

  • *Adult = 15+ years of age.
  • *Child = 6-14 years of age.
  • *Family of 4 = 2 adults and 2 children.
  • *Family of 5 = 2 adults and 3 children.
  • *Tandem Rider = children 85cm-109cm tall and 2-6 years of age are required to ride the Luge with a responsible person over 150cm tall and 15+ years. The Tandem Rider ticket covers the total number of rides the adult has purchased.
  • *Night Luge tickets are only valid during Night Luge hours. Learn more here.

Age & Height Restrictions

  • Riders who are between 85cm-109cm and 2-6 years of age will need to ride in tandem with an adult.
  • A tandem rider must ride on the Luge with a responsible person over 150cm tall and 15+ years old. It is the responsibility of the ‘responsible person’ to ride in a slow and safe manner, avoiding sharp braking to minimise the risk of injury to the tandem rider.
  • Riders who are over 110cm and 6+ years old can ride the Luge tracks unaccompanied but will need to ride the chairlift with a responsible person over 150cm tall and 15+ years.
  • Riders 120cm tall and 7+ years old can Luge and ride the chairlift alone.
  • Riders must meet our age, height, and health restrictions to be able to ride the Luge. Please read our Luge Code of Conduct or Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

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