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Luge Rotorua

Fast-paced freedom. Take the handlebars in this gravity-fueled thrill for the whole family.

Have fun and play safe

Our main aim is to get you having fun, but we do have rules to keep you and everyone else safe.

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Height Age & Health Restrictions



You can take smaller riders with you on the Luge and be their accompanying person on the chairlift. Smaller Luge riders must not exceed 120cm in height to tandem.


If you are at least 7 years, you may ride the Luge and chairlift unaccompanied.


If you are at least 6 years of age, you can Luge solo, but you need to hop on the chairlift with a responsible adult that accompanies you. You must be 120cm tall and a minimum of 7 years of age to ride the chairlift unaccompanied.


You can tandem Luge and hop on the chairlift with a responsible adult that accompanies you, so long as you are at least 2 years of age.

Under 85cm

Sorry, our Luge carts and chairlift seats are too big for you! To keep you safe, we can’t allow infants (under 2 years old) or anyone under 85cm in height to ride.

How to Luge

Pull back on the handle bars to slow or stop, release to accelerate and enjoy.

Gravity fuelled, giving full rider control.

Our Luge instructors give you a full briefing on how to Luge before your first ride.

Luge staff member explaining to people how to use the luge kart

Luge Code of Conduct

All Luge riders must adhere to the Luge Code of Conduct and receive a full safety briefing from our trained Luge instructors prior to their first Luge ride.

Keep it under control

Remain in control of your speed and direction. Make sure you can stop and avoid any person or obstacle, as it is the Luge riders responsibility for keeping their Luge cart under control. Stay alert in case quick reaction is needed to avoid a collision.

No helmet, no ride

Helmets must be worn at all times when riding the Luge.

Pull back to stop

To slow yourself or stop the cart, pull the handlebars back toward you. DO NOT STOP BY PUSHING HANDLEBARS FORWARD. Keep both hands on the handlebars at all times while riding to ensure ease of steering and braking.

Keep your feet in the Luge cart at all times

Do not put your feet outside of the Luge cart, unless completely stopped, as injury may result. Footwear must be worn at all times. Use the brakes to slow or stop the cart!

Yield to those below

Yield the right of way to persons downhill and choose a course that ensures their safety. A rider in an uphill position is responsible for manoeuvring to avoid them.

Don’t block the track

Stop on the track only if you are visible from above and if you are not obstructing the track. Only stop at the side of the track out of the way of others.

Respect all safety signs

Obey all signs and warnings and never venture off track.

No alcohol or drugs

Do not ride the Luge if your ability is impaired through the use of alcohol or drugs.

Give Luge Patrol a hand

If you are involved in or witness an accident, remain at the scene and identify yourself to first-aid staff.

Secure loose clothing and articles

Jackets, garments, scarves, long hair and any personal articles should be secured to avoid damage or loss.

No group racing, no bumping or skidding.

Racing in groups is not permitted. Do not bump into other carts. Do not skid the Luge cart wheels.

Health conditions and pregnancy.

To ride the Luge you must be in good health and be free of heart conditions, motion sickness, back problems or other physical limitations. For safety reasons, we do not allow expectant mothers to ride the Luge.

Height and age restrictions.

Pre-schoolers under 2 years of age and anyone less than 80cm tall are not permitted to ride the Chairlift or Luge.

Pre-schoolers older than 2 years of age, taller than 80cm, and no taller than 120cm can ride the Luge in tandem with an adult aged 15+ years at a cost of $6 for unlimited rides.

Chairlift safety

The maximum load on the chairlift is 2 people per chair. Follow all instructions for boarding and disembarking the chairlift. Please note that the chairlift does not stop at any time.

Skyline Video Poster

How to use the Chairlift

The maximum load on the chairlift is two people per chair. Follow all instructions for boarding and disembarking the chairlift. Please note that the chairlift does not stop at any time. Please watch the below video that covers key points from the Chairlift Code of Conduct:

Skyline Video Poster

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Luge is open to people of all ages and abilities. At the Luge Supervisor’s discretion, our Luge team will assist in any way we can to enable a guest with a disability to enjoy the Luge experience. Please ask a staff member for assistance.

There are no footwear requirements for the Luge other than wearing some footwear.

Please note it is a safety requirement that you must keep your feet in the Luge Cart at all times, unless it is completely stopped.

Riders who are between 85cm-109cm and 2-6 years of age will need to ride in tandem with an adult. A tandem rider must ride on the Luge with a responsible person over 150cm tall and 15+ years. It is the responsibility of the ‘responsible person’ to ride in a slow and safe manner, avoiding sharp braking to minimise the risk of injury to the tandem rider.
Riders who are over 110cm and 6+ years old can ride the Luge tracks unaccompanied but will need to ride the chairlift with a responsible person over 150cm tall and 15+ years.
Riders 120cm tall and 7+ years old can Luge and ride the chairlift alone.

There are no weight restrictions for the Luge.

Ready to have some fun?