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Skyswing Rotorua

Soar through the sky at Rotorua’s highest and fastest adrenaline rush!

Rotorua’s highest and fastest adrenaline rush!

If adventure pushes your buttons, then dare to face your fears and test your limits at New Zealand’s only Skyswing.The three-seated Skyswing hoists you 50 metres above Skyline Rotorua, coming to a halt with a breath-taking view over Lake Rotorua and beyond. Hanging from your harness, with the release in your hand, it’s up to you to make the drop!

The Skyswing drop will give you a thrill like no other

Eventually, the swinging will slow but don’t get comfortable, we like to excite you one more time with a spin to finish.


The Skyswing can fit 3 people at a time

Reaching speeds of 150kph

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Save with our half day adventure pass, which includes the Skyswing. Or check out our other combos!

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